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Lapel pins are an impressive and economical way to recognize members of your club, organization or institution. At Award Alliance, we have hundreds of lapel pin options that meet the needs of small-scale groups and massive establishments alike.

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Service Bars and Custom Pins

A golden service bar with raised edges.

Small Service Bar: CL53

Large Service Bar: CL52

A service bar with a bumpy texture.

Chenille Service Bar Pins

Small: CL105

Large: CL106

5 custom pins: Treble clef, Aims Community College, Honor Flight, Weld County, & RE7 Platte Valley.

Do you need something more personalized? We can customize a lapel pin to suit your needs.

Academic Enamel Pins

5 academic enamel lapel pins: Art, library, athletics, creative writing, and drama.

Art: EP02

Library: EP16

Athletics: EP05

Creative Writing: EP32

Drama: EP41

5 academic enamel lapel pins: english, reading, speech, spelling, and spanish.

English: EP09

Reading: EP22

Speech: EP37

Spelling: EP29

Spanish: EP28

5 academic enamel lapel pins: history, mathematics, science, physical education, and social studies.

History : EP54

Mathematics : EP17 

Science : EP24

Social Studies : EP27 

Physical Education : EP21 

5 academic enamel lapel pins: honor roll, honor, academics, attendance, and achievement.

Honor Roll: EP39

Honor: EP13

Academics: EP49

Achievement: EP03

Attendance: EP 06

5 academic enamel lapel pins: journalism, leadership, graduate, perfect attendance, and debate.

Journalism: EP15 

Leadership: EP48

Graduate: EP12

Perfect Attendance: EP20

Debate: EP42

5 academic enamel lapel pins: Safety patrol, citizenship, student council, yearbook, and scholarship

Safety Patrol: EP23

Citizenship: EP07

Student Council: EP30

Yearbook: EP31

Scholarship: EP25

Chenille Pins

5 color-filled Chenille Pins: Volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and baseball.

Volleyball: EC5

Soccer: EC1

Football: EC3

Basketball: EC2

Baseball: EC6

5 Golden Chenille Pins: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, and Baseball.

Basketball: CL4

Football: CL7

Soccer ball: CL8

Softball: CL9

Baseball: CL2

4 Chenille Pins: Cross Country, Swimming, Gymnastics, and a Megaphone.

Cross Country: CL12

Swimming: CL38

Gymnastics: CL20

Megaphone: CL26

3 musical lapel pins: Band, Musical scale, and harp.

Band: CL46

Music Key: CL27

Band Harp: CL29


Junior Varsity: CL50

Captain: CL47

Coach: CL87

Manager: CL51


4 lapel pins: Star, Service Stripe, Bowling Pin, Baseball diamond with crossed bats and a baseball.

Star: CL39

Service Stripe: CL52

Bowling Pin: CL5

Baseball Diamond: CL3


5 instrumental lapel pins: Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet, Sousaphone, and Baritone.

Trombone: MP10

French Horn: MP8

Trumpet: MP5

Sousaphone (Tuba): MP9

Baritone: MP7

4 instrumental lapel pins: Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, and saxophone.

Clarinet: MP1

Flute: MP2

Oboe: MP3

Saxophone: MP6

4 instrumental lapel pins: Violin, Cello, Guitar, and piano.

Violin/Viola: MP13

Cello/Bass: MP22

Piano: MP14

Guitar/Ukulele: MP12

1 lapel pin of a snare drum.

The Lonely Drum: MP12

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